Battery Change

Change Your Battery With Ease

Change Your Battery With Ease

Rely on us for car battery change services in Old Town, ME

There's nothing worse than leaving yourself stranded in your car with nowhere to go. That's why you need to switch out your battery early by hiring CTI Service Center Inc. We offer car battery change services in the Old Town, ME area. Your vehicle may be due for a battery change if you notice dim headlights, bad odors, ignition clicks or corroded parts.

Why should you swap out your battery?

A battery change may be expensive, its benefits are surely worth it. Replacing your battery can help:

Lower the discharge rate
Reduce the need for maintenance
Resolve frequent battery discharge problems

Now is the time for you to improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Call us today at 207-827-1000 to take advantage of our car battery change services. We'll be sure to answer all of your questions.