Brake Checks

Ensure Your Brakes Are Up to Par

Ensure Your Brakes Are Up to Par

Offering brake checks in Old Town, ME

As much as you drive around town, you should always feel confident in your braking system. You'll feel more confident when you have CTI Service Center Inc. by your side. We offer brake check services in the Old Town, ME area. After assessing your brakes, we'll take the appropriate actions to help prevent disasters down the road.

Should you bring your car to us?

Even though braking systems are complex, it's easy to tell when there's an issue. We recommend bringing your car in to see us if you notice:

Fluid leaks
Burning odors
Grinding noises
Brake vibrations

If you bring your car into our auto shop regularly to check out your brakes, not only will you stay safer on the road, but you will also be able to save money on repairs. Schedule brake check services with us today by calling 207-827-1000.